The Sales Department at Electro Terminal plays a pivotal role, overseeing a diverse array of responsibilities. These encompass Key Account Management, pricing strategies, the development of marketing strategies, and customer relationship management, including engaging business trips. In close collaboration with Research and Development, the team also conducts market research and aids in the planning of future products.

The department faces a myriad of challenges, primarily stemming from the unpredictability of global developments such as crises and current events, which often hinder long-term planning. Striking a delicate balance between the sales team's demand for constant availability and the needs of production and logistics, considering working capital, proves to be a tightrope walk.

What stands out within our company is the impressive cohesion forged through collectively overcoming challenges. We share common goals – success and market visibility – fostering profound understanding among departments. This unity serves as the bedrock for Electro Terminal's success.