SLK product range

Our SLK screwless luminaire connectors have evolved over time. Each version has its advantages.


SLK 3: Inexpensive solution and ideal replacement of luminaire connectors to save time and money in luminaire production (no screws required, automatic wiring possible) and for convenient connection options.

SLK 5: Offers the advantages of the SLK 3, but the 5 poles are accommodated in a more compact installation space (standard cross-section 21mm x 30mm). There are also internal and external release levers so that flexible wires can be used on both upper connections.

SLK 7: Offers the advantages of the SLK 5 series but is even more compact. The 5 poles fit into an 11mm x 30mm installation space. The innovative ALP fastening option (tool-free snapping into an aluminum profile) and adhesive tape fastening with a double-sided industrial tape are also great new features.