already lead-free

Currently, there's a heated debate about the use of lead in copper alloys. In fact, lead might be prohibited completely in the future in this context.

At the moment, a "lead 6c exception" is being included in the ROHS directive 2011/65/EU, which allows the use of max. 4% lead in copper alloys.

Whatever will be the outcome of this debate, it is not relevant at all for our EKL S as this product is already lead-free and thus absolutely future-proof.


Lead-free and further important features of EKL S

Our EKL S is not just lead-free, the product has more magnificent features to offer:

  • User friendly design
  • Easy wire entry
  • Stable torque
  • Easy to divide with "twist 'n pull®"
  • Supreme pliability
  • Established temperature rating
  • International approvals
  • Complies with requirements in EN 60998-1:2004, EN 60998-2-1:2004

Supreme pliability

Easy wire entry

Easy to divide:

"twist 'n pull®"