Internal heat development is a major issue when designing stoves, ovens and hot plates. Conventional cable connection systems have internal clamping points and strain reliefs. Due to the heat given off by the network conductors, these systems quickly reach their limits.

Electro Terminal has the solution to this problem: By laying the connection space on the outer wall of the household appliance, the temperature in the connection space is kept as low as possible. This is important because when connecting household appliances to the mains, end customers do not always have cables that are approved for temperatures above 90°C.

Another advantage in the design results from the extremely flat and compact design of the KADOs, which can still be used in a limited space.

We therefore recommend the use of the super flat series KADO XT (3-phase up to 41 Amps) or KADO FL (1-phase up to 24 Amps).

Super flat XT

Super flat FL