Since Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) was first used in the computers of the Saturn and Apollo missions in the 1960s, this type of PCB assembly has become established and evolving. Today many manufacturers of PCB boards switch from traditional trough-hole-technology (THT) to SMT applications for good reasons, as there are:

  • miniaturization of the components
  • cost reduction by omitting the holes
  • less weight
  • faster production due to automatic assembly
  • increase in quality by eliminating sources of pollution
  • minor shadow formation in lighting applications

Three reasons to opt for SMT

With our "naked" MICROCON SMD PURE you can use all advantages of SMT. With a height of just 2.5mm it's possible to connect from two sides - horizontally and vertically- this allows you to assemble it also on THT boards.

Delivered in a blister belt on rolls, nothing stands in the way of automatic assembly using "Pick & place".

MICROCON SMD PURE  Youtube video User manual

For contacting flexible wires and for the release of wires, we also offer a suitable release pin:

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