The new requirements for Protection Class II luminaires according to EN 60 598 -1 (Luminaires: General requirements and testing) include several general factors that need to be considered. Here are some examples:

  • Structure
  • Marking
  • Creepage and clearance
  • Leakage resistance
  • Creep resistance of insulation materials

To help you decide which connectors to use for Protection II luminaires, we've tested a range of our products for use in Protection II luminaires.
We recommend using the following connectors. Please note additional information below:

SLK 3 for max. 250 V operating voltage

SLK 5 SK II for max. 300 V operating voltage 

Important information regarding earth contacts for Protection II luminaires:

  • Please note that Protection II luminaires must not have an earth contact.
  • Fixed Protection II luminaires may, however, be equipped with a connector that can be used for an earth contact. The connector must be protected from any touchable metal parts with Protection II insulation.
  • Connectors are marked accordingly. 

Please note: This information is meant to serve as a guide. Luminaire manufacturers must carefully assess which connectors to use for Protection II luminaires for every application.