Our smart SLK 8 has an integrated Casambi-CBM003-radio module. As a complete luminaire connector it offers 5 poles for power supply and up to 6 DALI channels.

The SLK 7 connector with a height of 11 mm fits perfectly into these super-flat luminaires and can be used for wires of up to 2.5 mm². The five poles offer space for the power supply as well as the light control.

Thanks to its extremely small dimensions, the SLK 5 luminaire terminal can be used for delicate luminaires. The 5-pin terminal block takes up no more space than a conventional 3-pin version.

SLK 3 is a screwless luminaire power supply connector for downlights, linear luminaires, continuous row supply, desk lights and wall lights. 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-pole model, four different earthing variants, available also with LINECT interface.

LBK is a plug-and-play system for continuous row lighting, available as 5-, 7- and now also as 11-pole through-wiring units. Axial connector, (variable) socket and adapter plate for KH (socket) available.

We help turn your ideas into action: Tailor-made LED solutions for your applications

At Electro Terminal we are recognized for our expertise in developing customized solutions. Every project is managed by a specially assigned project team that is able and ready to meet individual customer requirements. We are able to fulfill special requests, including packaging, variants, materials and colors.