All Freight Systems - Logistic Solutions

A few minutes drive from Electro Terminal, in Zirl in Tyrol, is the headquarters of AFS - All Freight Systems - Logistic Solutions.
Working as a reliable logistics partner for Electro Terminal since its founding in 1994, the cooperation has steadily expanded and today includes both the transport of raw and finished parts and the entire finished parts warehouse. Using a tailor-made IT solution, AFS controls and provides all transportation and storage services for Electro Terminal.

AFS also offers air/sea freight, customs clearance, truck loading in Europe, bulk transport, express transport, parcel shipping, procurement and distribution logistics. 80 employees work on an area of 16,000 m² at a total of 3 locations in Austria and Switzerland.
Martin Koecher and Johann Stark, the two executive partners, have also been shareholders in Electro Terminal since the management buyout in 2014.
Having such a reliable logistics partner helps us deliver our products on time and to ensure better connections around the world.


Sales service @ homeoffice

Due to the corona crisis and the associated security requirements, many of our employees were working in their home office. Even our sales team worked from home for a few weeks. Their conclusion:

"The advantage of starting work without a commute is offset by the challenge to separate work and personal life.

All in all, we are happy to go back to normal again. Despite the support of our pets, after all, interacting with colleagues is an integral part of our work, and we did miss them dearly."

O&C Alexander Sales - South Africa

O&C Alexander sales was founded in 1978 and sources and distributes audio, electronic and electro-mechanical components into the electronics, appliances, and lighting manufacturing industries as well as retail. The company represents many global brands in South Africa, such as Sennheiser, Steab, Arcolectric (Bulgin), Nitto, Sacla and Electro Terminal. It took on a pioneering role sourcing re-modulators for the world’s first large-scale rollout of terrestrial digital television in South Africa with MNET. O&C was also the first to import components from China, Taiwan and Japan.

O&C Alexander Sales employs 25 people and operates a wholly owned subsidiary, Sennheiser South Africa. In many ways they touch the lives of all South African people every day through the components and products supplied into industry and retail markets:

Lighting manufactures – The country’s highway-, street- and shopping lights with Electro Terminal components.
Household appliances – South Africa’s oldest and largest cookware appliance brand Defy uses Electro Terminal connectors in every oven.
Commercial cookware – Most restaurants, takeaways and commercial kitchens have Anvil commercial cookware with Electro Terminal connectors.
Electrical wholesale – South Africa’s largest electrical wholesaler Waco sells Electro Terminal connectors through their country-wide offices to independent wholesalers and chain stores.

Ferucomp on Tour in Germany

Since April 2017,  Mr. Ferdinand Rudolphi, owner of Ferucomp is in charge of german customers for lighting applications.

Ferucomp was founded in 2017 and is based in Sundern in the Sauerland region. From here it is not far to the major metropolitan areas such as the Rhineland or Ruhr area. According to the motto "much from a single source", Mr. Rudolphi is traveling all over Germany to plan the best possible business-solution together with the customer. Since the beginning of 2019, Ferucomp has been actively supported in the small customer area by Exceedation Sales GmbH, our official distributor for Germany.

And how is the collaboration with Electro Terminal, Mr. Rudolphi?

"In the meantime, I have grown fond of Electro Terminal. Working with the individual departments is very pleasant for me. It's fun!"

We can only confirm that. Looking forward to more successful years...


From 18 - 20 October 2019 the HOST took place for the 41st time in Milan.

Felice Fazio, owner and founder of Electro Group presented products of Electro Terminal to many of the more than­ 200 000 visitors from all over the world. As always, he did a great job. 

Thank you Mr. Fazio!

Boomer Business Development: Café do Brasil

The founders of Boomer Business Development, Ricardo and Eduardo Guttmann, visited Electro Terminal recently to strengthen the new business partnership. Over a cup of marvelous coffee, which they had brought from Brazil as a present, they told us about the philosophy behind their company:

"We assist international companies in developing business in Brazil. Boomer is a fairly new company based on the continuously growing global markets. Acting as a kind of bridge, our company creates the opportunity to connect people and ideas. And, what's more, we are committed to generate answers and results. International corporations often struggle with barriers such as languages, distances, as well as sociocultural and local economic aspects. In line with our company's vision, we help organizations like Electro Terminal to surpass these barriers without having to use big teams, lots of time and complex structures."

A little anecdote of their stay at Electro Terminal in Innsbruck: After an active exchange of information on sales and marketing issues, Eduardo and Ricardo gave us an engraved award as a special "Thank you" for our hospitality. What a lovely gesture!

We're looking forward to continuing our excellent cooperation with these enthusiastic business partners.

Eleman rocks the Amper 2019

This year's Amper trade fair in Brno was dedicated to the fields of electrical installation, automation, building technology, communication and radio technology. The show was a big success for our Czech sales partner Eleman. More than 43,000 visitors took the chance to learn more about the latest technological innovations. Products from Electro Terminal were displayed on two boards, attracting customers as well as new prospects. The MICROCON SMD connectors were among the most popular components. Eleman knew how to show the application of these products in a very clear way.

Kick-off workshop for Luxtron Systems FZCO

On January 14, 2019, Luxtron Systems FZCO, partners of Electro Terminal for the Middle East, held a workshop at India Club, Dubai for their special partners, Electro Mechanical Company LLC in Abu Dhabi.

The agenda of this meeting, which consisted of 14 people, was to discuss what can be offered in terms of service & quality and also the introduction of the new products to the market. Luxtron also presented various ways on how to complement Electro Terminal products with their existing product line.

Today, Electro Mechanical Company distributes connection components for lighting and electrical installations and has been doing a great job in Abu Dhabi. Vikas Kapila, Manager of Luxtron Systems, says: "We shall soon plan to organize an Electrician's meeting to promote & populate Electro Terminal's "BETTER CONNECTIONS" in the Middle East."

Electro Group di F. Fazio: Customer focus, family & Formula 1

Electro-Group has been distributing Electro Terminal components in Italy for almost a quarter of a century with great passion.

"I feel part of the big international Electro Terminal family", says Felice Fazio, proprietor of Electro-Group. His connection to Electro Terminal has become very strong throughout the years. This can be seen in his attitude of continuously requesting for input in order to sell the products in the best possible way. He comes to Innsbruck on a regular basis, exchanging information on new products and possible applications of existing ones.

Electro Terminal and Electro-Group are both characterized by an explicit customer focus and strong service orientation. The philosophy of Felice Fazio is: "Service is our most important component."

Felice Fazio is also strongly connected to the Tyrolean company and its team beyond his role as a sales partner. In September, he visited the Formula 1 race in Monza together with the management team. He even promoted Electro Terminal by pulling out a branded umbrella when it started to drizzle during the race.

Facts & Figures:

  • Foundation of Fazio Rappresentanze in 1986
  • Components for lighting applications and the household and electronics industries
  • More information on:

Interview with Beltrade's Sales Manager Tomasz Owczarczyk

Tomasz, how would you describe the relationship between Beltrade and Electro Terminal?
Our cooperation with Electro Terminal started in 2011. Since the very beginning, we have been highly successful on the market and quickly integrated Electro Terminal products into our customers' production in the household appliance sector. After the first year, we discovered that there is also potential in the lighting sector. This was actually a new market for us, which we entered thanks to Electro Terminal. Recently, Gerhard Rieser has become our contact person and interface at Electro Terminal. In Poland, we would say that this man can build rockets to travel to outer space. That is a way of saying that you can trust him. He is very professional and reliable.

You have already visited our company. What comes to your mind when you remember that visit?
Key Account Manager Aleksander Rodkin, Managing Director Jurij Pastuszyk and myself were very impressed by the fully automated and very clean production. What's more, we really appreciated the friendly atmosphere and the personal contact with the staff and management.

Could you imagine living and working in Innsbruck?
Yes, I could imagine a life in Innsbruck. The people are very friendly and relaxed. And I love the mountains – mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter. But it would not be possible for me to work at Electro Terminal. I would be too distracted looking out the office window with this beautiful view of the mountains.

Which goals does Beltrade have for the LED Expo Ukraine?
We will be promoting our company and services as well as the Electro Terminal products. We want to prove that our relatively "high-cost" top-level products and services are ultimately not as expensive because of their high quality, smart logistics and excellent customer service.

Facts & figures:

We present: Magnetic Systems Technology (MST)

In March 2018, Electro Terminal entered a cooperation agreement with MST. MST was founded in April 2011 in a management buyout agreement with the Philips Lighting electromagnetic ballasts factory in Kętrzyn, Poland. The Management team purchased the factory as well as the MST brand from Philips.

MST operates in the electronics industry and produces components for the lighting industry. Like Electro Terminal, MST is a member of the Zhaga Consortium, a global lighting industry organization that aims to standardize components of LED luminaires.

The cooperation with Electro Terminal started only a few months ago. “We are a companies with a similar DNA, organization culture and a customer centric approach. Electro Terminal's products allow MST to offer a broader portfolio to the lighting market", says Jarosław Sachryń, CEO and President of the Board (see top left photo).

Gerhard Rieser from Exceedation Sales is highly confident that "the partnership between Electro Terminal and Magnetic System Technology will increase Electro Terminal's presence on the Polish market and that MST's technical expertise will improve the service level substantially."

Facts & Figures:                                                                                                                                          

  • Products: Components for the lighting industry, such as LED modules, LED drivers, electromagnetic ballasts for HID and fluorescent lamps, integrated HID systems, ignitors for HID lamps, filter and compensation Coils
  • Location: Kętrzyn City, Poland
  • Certificates: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001
  • Main markets: Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Employees: Approx. 280 people
  • More information on:
From left to right: Recep Yasar (MD Nersan), Gerhard Rieser (MD Exceedation Sales), Anne Reinisch (PM Electro Terminal), Mert Yasar (Nersan), Pelin Tunoglu (Purchasing & Import Nersan), Isa Yasar (Nersan)

Nersan – 20 years of partnership

"Actually, I grew up with Electro Terminal – I wrote my first business e-mail when I was a 15-year-old girl" says Pelin Tunoglu from Nersan, Electro Terminal's sales partner in Istanbul. Pelin looks back at a 20 year relationship with the Austria-based manufacturer of connection technology.

It all started in 1996 when the owner of Nersan, Yasar Recep, visited the trade fair in Hannover and contacted Electro Terminal. Due to language problems, a whole year passed before the cooperation actually started in May 1997.

Today, Nersan distributes connection components for the lighting industry and electrical installations, such as:

  • SLK – screwless luminaire connectors
  • MICROCON SMD – PCB connectors
  • EKL – connector strips
  • SDKF – universal wire connectors

The contract was printed on thermal paper, so the letters are hardly readable anymore. But the content of this contract is still the basis for a successful business relationship.

Tridonic Distribution

For the very first time, Tridonic Distribution will represent Electro Terminal's brand and products at the LuxLive fair in London from November 15 - 16, 2017. "Tridonic Distribution works closely with the UK lighting industry, the Electro Terminal product range being an important part of the product portfolio", says Luke Arter, the Sales Director. Heidi De Lucchi, Sales Manager at Tridonic Distribution, is originally from South Africa. She has introduced a number customers to some very exotic African delicacies at last year's LuxLive Fair in London, including crocodile, zebra and ostrich. We'll see what she has to offer at LuxLive 2017.

Blink France

Congratulations to Blink France for being Electro Terminal's sales partner for 10 years. Since 2006, business relations have been constantly growing. Together, we have developed an effective strategy to boost sales and acquire new customers in France.

In line with our motto, Blink offers "BETTER CONNECTIONS". Both Electro Terminal and Blink focus on first-rate quality and service. Christophe Kieffer, Managing Director of Blink France says: "It is a pleasure to work with partners that respond to our customers' requests so attentively, pro-actively and quickly."

Not to forget about the fun: Electro Terminal's team happily recalls the Light+Building fair in March 2016. Every morning, Christophe Kieffer took his scooter to get to hall 4 and join the team at the booth. Smart suit and helmet – an unforgettable sight!

Miran Noor Gostar Team

Miran Noor Gostar

Miran Noor's component team have been distributing connectors by Electro Terminal in Iran for about one year. "We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and view our company as an extension of yours", says CEO Ali Mirfakhraei about the cooperation with Electro Terminal.

Currently, Electro Terminal and Miran Noor Gostar are busily preparing two trade fairs in November:


Miran Noor Gostar was founded by Ali Mirfakhraei in 2000. Today, it is one of the main distributors of lighting products. The company has about 25 employees and maintains a highly active policy of quality management & development on all organisational levels:

  • Expert & qualified Management team with 16 years of experience
  • Two offices in Tehran
  • Worldwide business Network
Two recent projects include supplying very large quantities of LED power supplies to the commercial towers at the new Barangaroo development in Sydney. (c) Nick Rains

ELTAD – New partner in Australia

Eltad, as part of the Elpower group of companies, offers a comprehensive range of superior lighting products from world renowned brands including Electro Terminal along with Eltad’s own custom-kitted lighting solutions.

Eltad’s friendly and experienced sales team can assist with implementing a lighting solution to meet the customers' requirements. As one of Australia’s leading lighting component suppliers, their extensive local stock profile covers:

  • LED Power Supply
  • Lamps
  • Magnetic Lighting Control Gear
  • Electronic Lighting Control Gear
  • Luminaries
  • Lighting Accessories
Nortronic AS celebrates 20 years in professional lighting in 2016.

NORTRONIC – New team in Norway

Nortronic AS is a leading supplier for cost-effective LED lighting solutions and lighting controls. The company was founded by Rune Vidar Nordum in 1996 and offers high quality products and extensive, qualified technical support on the Norwegian market.

Electro Terminal has long term relations with Nortronic AS through the cooperation with Tridonic. Fourteen inspired colleagues work in Nortronic, giving their best support to electrical wholesalers, installers, lighting companies and retail.

The 4 main business areas today are:

  • LED light sources

  • Linear LED solutions

  • Lighting controls

  • Lighting gear & components